Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) Repair: From what Ive heard; sony currently offers trade-ins of some early models with ylod for a $100 refurbished 120gb slim console, call them for details.


If you need it repaired to get your save data off and transferred to another console, I can reflow the gpu and get it working again. I offer no warranty on YLOD repair because the systems simply run too hot and will get it again whether it happens in 2 weeks or 2 months etc.


Bluray laser replacement is needed when games or blurays no longer can be read by the disc drive

  • Most pre-2008 $90 
  • 2008 or later phat console $80
  • Slim consoles $75

Call with model number for confirmation, model number begins with CECH in the serial number or other sticker on bottom of console.

Laser replacment repair time is about 1 hour. 90 day warranty.

Power supply replacements on phat consoles $50

951Repairs 951-291-1850